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Custom Biopsy Surgical Trays | Sterling Medical Products

The list of surgical instruments listed on this page are biopsy related. Sterling Medical Products also offers an extensive line of other surgical instruments. If you have specific needs for your custom biopsy surgical trays,
you can complete this form to get a quote on a custom equipped tray.
If you do not see the items you need on this list, please use the form on our contact us page.

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    • Large Deep Tray
      3 Compartment Tray
      Small Shallow Tray

      1CC LL or LS
      3CC LL or LS
      5CC LL or LS
      6CC LL or LS
      10CC LL or LS
      12CC LL or LS
      20CC LL or LS
      35CC LL or LS
      60CC LL or LS


      #11 Mini Scalpel
      #11 Long Handle
      #11 Safety Scalpel
      #10 Long Handle


      Chlorascrub (Large)
      PVP Triple Swabsticks
      PVP 1 oz
      PVP 4 oz
      Prep Sponge Sticks
      Alcohol Prep Pads
      Alcohol Swabsticks (3)
      Bacitracin Ointment
      PVP Ointment
      Benzoin Swabstick (1)
      Cotton Tip Applicator 6 inch


      18G X 1.5
      18G X 1.5 BLNT FLT
      19G X 1.5
      19G X 1.5 FILTER
      20G X 1.5
      21G X 1.5
      22G X 1.5
      25G x 5/8
      25G x 1
      25G X 1.5
      27G X 1/2
      27G X 1.5
      30G x 1/2
      30G x 1
      SPINAL 20G X 3.5
      SPINAL 22G X 2.5
      SPINAL 22G X 3.5
      SPINAL 25G X 3.5

      Gauze 2x2 12ply
      Gauze 3x3 12 ply
      Gauze 4x4 12 ply
      Telfa Pad 3x8
      Telfa Pad 2x4
      Tape Strips 1/2 x 4 (3)
      Tape Strips 1/4 x 3 (3)
      Adhesive Bandage 1x3
      Adhesive Bandage 2X4
      Tegaderm Small 2X3
      Tegaderm Large 4x5

      Frazier Skin Hook
      Adson Serrated Forceps
      Iris Half Curved Forcep
      Hemostat Curved
      Hemostat Straight
      OR Scissors S/B
      Iris Scissors
      Webster Needle Holder
      7 inch Sponge Forceps

      Lidocaine 1% 5ml Ampule
      Lidocaine 1.5% 5ml w/Epi
      Lidocaine 1% 20ml w/Epi
      Sodium Chlor 10ml Amp
      Sodium Chlor 250ml Bag

      16 oz. Bowl
      1 oz. Med Cup
      2 oz. Med Cup
      4 oz. Specimen Cup
      Lid for Specimen Cup

      Fenestrated w/Adhesive
      Fenestrated 3.5 inch Cloth
      Fenestrated 2.75 inch
      Fenestrated 4 inch
      Fenestrated 6 inch
      Utility Drape w/Tape
      Paper/Poly Drape
      Blue Cotton OR Towel
      Absorbent Towel

      Needle Foam Block
      Nitrile Exam Gloves (M)
      Ampule Holder
      Ruler, 6 inch Paper
      Ultrasound Gel
      3-Way Stop Cock
      Tape Roll 1 inch x 18 inch
      Petri Dish
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